Managing everything about your website so you don't have to

DieM Web offers an easy, hassle free, no nonsense way for small businesses to build an online presence. If you need a new website or a revamp of an existing one, you can safely leave it with us.

To make sure that you won’t have to worry about anything, we can deal with:

  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Hosting and Domain Management

Our promise to you is to make websites with the best customer retention. We achieve this by building websites that:

  • are responsive: they look good and work well on any device, from mobile to wide computer screen
  • are lightning fast
  • are inclusive of anyone with any physical limitation like sight impairments, inability to use a mouse...
  • will stand the test of time so you don't need a revamp in two years
  • analyses site data without any personnal data retention or use of cookies. This means that the ugly consent banner is not needed.
an awesome picture of David
          climbing the Cobbler, near Arrochar

DieM Web is a one man company, and that man is me: David, a French web developer living in East Lothian, Scotland, and loving it.

I’ve got 20 years experience working in different fields of IT. From my time in technical support, I learned to fix any technical issue efficiently, from my time as a system administrator, I learned how to avoid them in first place. Then I started building websites and I realised that it’s what I do best.

I’m a bit old school in the way I work and I build sites by hand instead of using the trendy web builder of the moment. This is the secret to building sites that are very fast - because the amount of code is minimal - and won’t have problems in the future when the current software is replaced by something new.

In my opinion, the work of a web developer is similar to the one of a craftsman. and I’m glad to bring my craft to your business.

Previous Projects

Pricing and Timescale

Since every project is different, the prices below are illustrative only. Only the basic services are listed, if you need something more specific for your site or your app, don't hesitate to ask.
Services Cost Weeks Timescale
Project Hosting
Website pages
1 page £900 £25/Month 4around a month
2 pages £1100 £25/Month 5over a month
3 pages £1300 £25/Month 6a month and a half
4+ pages or more £1500 + £25/Month 8around 2 months
Contact Form + £200 + £15/Month + 0.5few extra days
Blog Posts + £700 + £30/Month + 1extra week
Analytics + £100 + £20/Month


If you need a site or have any questions regarding what I do, you can call me at 07703.989.569 or use the contact form below, I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can.